Your Thumb Angle Reveals How Well You Get Results in Life

Your Thumb Angle Is Very Significant

Thumb angle reveals success potentialThe angle formed between the centerline of the hand, and the thumb is a good indicator of how aggressively, directly, and intentionally a person does things to get results in life. In palmistry, the thumb angle is one of the best palmistry indicators in the hand for how successful a person is in achieving goals. This applies to everything done from brushing teeth, shopping for new shoes, or completing a huge project.

How close in or how far out the thumb is held, unconsciously indicates how ready a person is to go to work and get the job done. The larger the angle, the stronger the desire to make things happen and get positive results in life. The bigger the angle that you hold your thumb out to the side, the more aggressively you tackle doing things for success.

Insecure thumbWhen the thumb is folded into the palm, tucked in the belt, or otherwise hidden, it reveals a person who is temporarily not moved to doing much right now. She or he is probably feeling cautious and doesn't want to do anything to "rock the boat". Life is definitely on "hold" or "stuck". The challenge for this person is to determine why she or he is holding back on doing things. Is it fear of success? When the problem is resolved, the thumb will unfold, extend farther out to the side of the hand, and more successes naturally achieved.

A person with this condition of a "hidden thumb" or a very small angle, should do this: they should consciously hold their thumbs out at the biggest angle possible all of the time. This will help bring about positive changes in life! This works on the same principle as overcoming that "down feeling" by standing up straight and throwing the shoulders back. This new position tells the brain, "Change the chemistry! Things are very different now!" This can make dramatic changes in how life is perceived. For women, wearing a ring on the thumb can increase the aggressive thumb energy and unconsciously make more good things happen in life.

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The thumb angle will change as mood changes. Therefore, people carry their thumbs differently at different times. Study how you carry your thumb in different situations, and you will see your angle change as you feel more or less ready to do things. The more ready you are to do things, make changes and get more results in life -- the bigger thumb angle you will have.

How Revealing My Thumbs Were!

A couple months before I retired from my full-time teaching job at the community college I had to go to the Administration building to sign the papers. On the way back across the campus I noticed something unusual about how I was carrying my hands, in a way that I never recalled doing before. My shut-down thumbHere is a picture of how I had my thumbs folded into my fingers.

At first I was confused as to why I was doing that. Then it "hit me" and I laughed out loud! I recognized that my thumbs were indicating that I was not going to do one more thing! As far as they were concerned, I had just retired when I signed the papers.

After laughing at my awareness, I had to tell myself that I still had a couple months to go until my classes officially ended, and I was truly retired. I quickly forced my thumbs out at a big angle and told my thumbs to "get back to work!"

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