Palm Reading for a Thumb Small Angle

Secrets to Your Thumb Small Angle

Palmistry tutorial. The small angle. Your small thumb angle reveals that you are a person who does not rush into doing things too quickly. You are always cautious and wisely observe the situation before taking action. No matter what your horoscope says, you are always going to be very careful how you make your decisions using your own knowledge. You go about doing your daily activities taking advantage of what you have learned in life -- and not what others try to force you to do.

Your cautious ways may bother your friends who have big thumb angles and do things more aggressively. Your way is to consider carefully all the ways of doing things. You can see the best way for you to achieve success and you wisely choose your own way.

Sometimes you feel more comfortable letting another person take the lead so that you can wisely learn from them. You are a good "team player" and it is not important for you to "take charge". Learning new ways while successfully reaching your goal is more important than who gets the credit.

You know that knowledge is valuable for future success and your long term goals, so you quietly observe the mistakes of others and learn how to do things correctly when it is your turn to act. You don't need an astrologer to tell you how to live your life because success is always your goal, and you are planning on how to reach your goals in your own way. You work carefully to minimize chances of failure by planning well in your head before taking action.

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Important general palm reading rules about thumbs:

Palm Reading Small Angle Hints for Getting More Successes:

Holding your thumb out at a big angle greatly helps to raise your energies for doing things. This is similar to throwing your shoulders back and expanding your chest when you are depressed. That change in body posture is opposite to the posture of a depressed person. Making that body change forces the mind to produce hormones to match the new body posture. The result is that you feel more positive energy!

The same thing happens when holding your thumb out at a big angle. You release more positive energy! The mind and the hormones are revved up to get things done when the thumb is held out at a big angle! So plan first, then push your thumb out at a big angle and take action! Throw in a smile and pleasant greeting to everyone and your experience of life will be greatly improved!

(For women) Wearing a thumb ring, plus holding the thumb out at a big angle, will give you a subconscious energy boost for getting things done more quickly.

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