Palm Reading for a Thumb Medium Angle

Significance of Your Thumb Medium Angle

In palmistry, a medium thumb angle reveals a balanced planner and organizer with reserved leadership abilities. The goal is more important to you than who leads the way and gets the credit for reaching the goal. How good of you!

 Leadership and the medium thumb angleTo palm readers, your medium thumb angle reveals that you are balanced, confident and self-reliant. You work well both alone and with others. It is not necessary for you to be a "take charge" person who dominates all the activities of others around you. You can take the leadership role if necessary but being the leader is not your main goal. Your satisfaction comes from getting excellent results, no matter how they are achieved or who gets the credit.

You are not overly mental about what you are going to do, so you don't waste a lot of time doing unnecessary planning. You do things when the time is right for you. You seldom need help but if you do, you accept it graciously.

If you have friends with a small angled thumb, they may seem to be a little slower getting started doing things than you. No problem, you generally call on your own inner leadership and jump in to get them started. One of your virtues is that you are resourceful and can be depended on by others to take the leadership role when needed. You conserve your energy and resources until you need them and then you produce results that surprise others.

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Some General Palm Reading Rules About Your Thumbs

Palm Reading Hints for Even More Success in Life

Holding your thumb out at a big angle greatly helps to raise your energies for doing things. This is similar to throwing your shoulders back and expanding your chest when you are depressed. That change in body posture is opposite to the posture of a depressed person so the mind and the hormones it produces change to match the new body posture, and you aren't so depressed. The same thing happens when holding your thumb out at a big angle. The mind and the hormones are revved up for action when the thumb is held out at a big angle!

(For women) Wearing a thumb ring, plus holding the thumb out, will give a subconscious boost for extra energy to get things done more effectively.

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