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What Does Your Thumb Reveal?


What Does Palm Reading Your Thumb Reveal?

There are several important and revealing things to look at in your thumb that indicate quite reliably your probability for success in life. One of these palm reading markers that is very significant and reliable is your thumb angle.

 Your thumb angle is valuable for showing how well you control your resources and use them to get results in life. It reveals how timidly or aggressively you operate the tools you use daily to do what needs to be done. Your thumb angle reveals much about how fast and hard you are working to succeed.

Simply put, a weak thumb gets little done. A thumb with many good signs is living life with many successes. One of the most important thumb indicators is the angle it is normally held. Learn now how to check yours.

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Here is how to check your thumb angle:

Hand reading for career success1. Hold both hands out in a natural and relaxed position.

Palmistry reading for Thumb angle2. Observe the natural resting thumb angle your thumbs make with your hand center line.

3. Click on the hand below that has the resting thumb angle closest to yours. (That is, select the zone where your thumb rests most comfortably.)

Palmistry for the big anglePalmistry for the medium anglePalmistry for the small angle

What if my two thumbs are at different angles?