Significance of a Thumb Big Angle

You Are a Person Who Gets Outstanding Results!

In palmistry, a thumb big angle reveals a person who gets things done fast and efficiently. Having a thumb big thumb angle tells palm readers that you know you can handle any job that needs to be done, both physically and mentally.

 The thumb big angle.Your BIG angle reveals that you are eager to jump in and get things done right away. You do things quickly, confidently, and pleasurably because you like to take charge and get the job done so you can see the results of your efforts!

You are very good at taking action to produce results that you and others can see and appreciate. Your big angle displays to all who understand palm reading that you are confident, self-reliant, and a "doer".

Some general palm reading rules about your thumbs:

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Palm Reading Hints for Even More Success in Life

When a large thumb angle is coupled with a large index finger, that is a winning combination for leadership success. I can't tell you how to make your index finger larger, but you can hold it out more and use it in a positive way for gesturing when you talk. This will imply personal power and assurance of personal worth, not only unconsciously to yourself, but also to those to whom you are talking.

Also, you can practice holding your thumbs out at a big angle. This will send unconscious signals to yourself to take more direct actions in the physical world all around you.

(For women) Wearing a thumb ring will help give a subconscious boost to your energy for getting things done more effectively. Also wearing a ring on the index finger can unconsciously boost your sense of personal power.

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