My Research on Simian Line and Past Lives

The Simian Line Appears to Relate to Past Lives Sometimes

Here is a bit of interesting research I did back in the 1970’s when I was very active in an organization called Association for Past Life Research and Therapy.

Using hypnosis and a biofeedback GSR instrument I did a Past Life Regression on a man with a Head Line type of Simian Line on each hand. This is the type of Simian Line that is low on the palm where the Head Line normally appears. The energies here relate mostly to mental activities and not emotional, which are related to the Heart Line.

Anyway, this man was a willing client with many problems and dissatisfactions in life. He was in his early 30’s and was always restless. He had never married and had no close connections to anyone or any place. He never stayed on a job longer than a few months.

Under hypnosis he was directed to go back to any past life that related to his Simian Lines, if there was such a lifetime connection. There appeared to be two lifetimes that he could identify and recall.

In the first one described he clearly, and in detail, recalled a lifetime as a young woman who was seduced by a sailor from a sailing ship. The sailor promised to come back and marry her and left on his ship. She spent the remainder of that life mostly watching the ships in the harbor come and go. She ached for his return and ended up dying of a “broken heart” (Her words.).

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In another lifetime, he was a young teenager who was conscripted into the King’s army along with all of his buddies from the surrounding farms. Shortly they were all put into battle with no training and minimal weapons. He panicked, ran, and hid. After the battle was over he came out and found all of his buddies killed. He felt great sorrow at the loss of those friends who he had a deep emotional connection. He felt extremely guilty that he had somehow let them die without helping. At a deep level in this lifetime he was still carrying that guilt.

When asked how those lifetimes had affected this lifetime he responded, "I'm not going to get close to anyone in this life." That seemed to really fit his hand markings as he had no Heart Line in either hand. That indicated he lacked the normal emotional loving energies associated with the Heart Line.

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