Do You Have Venus Verticals?

You Are Lucky If You Have This Secret Marking!

Psychic indicators The Mound of Venus (#7, yellow) is where the heart energies of love, sympathy, and compassion reside. It is also where the third joint of the thumb is, which is deeper in the hand than the third joint of the other digits. Since the thumb is the digit that primarily makes things happen and gets results in the physical world, it is very important for a person to use love and compassion when taking action with others.

If you have strong, deep, vertical lines on your Mound of Venus it means you are specially equipped and prepared to express those good Venus energies of love, sympathy, and compassion. It is through these energies that you will reach the psychic realm. This is one of your life purposes. You must use these energies with everyone, or your life will be filled with problems. The problems will be created by your "Higher Self" trying to force you to use those good Venus energies and to connect to the psychic realm.

If you do choose to always use the Venus energies then you will see the problems go away. You will also see that miracles are a daily common occurrence. If you don't use those energies, your life will be filled with problems about love, sympathy, and compassion. Your Higher Self is very wise, powerful, - and tricky! It will force you to work on developing your love, sympathy, and compassion one way, or another.

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Psychic Venus Mound While you are looking at your hand, check the color of the Venus Mound. (Shaded area in mounds diagram at right.)
The color of the Mound of Venus reveals how a person is feeling deep inside. For example:

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