Do You Have a Curvy Headline? 

Lucky You If You Have This!

Psychic hand mark: Line of Clairvoyance A long Head Line curved down into the Mound of Moon reveals imagination, creativity, insight, artistic ideas, and psychic abilities. The deeper it dips into Moon, the more these Moon talents are magnified. People with this long curved line will go through their daily activities with great imagination, and perhaps even tap into their psychic resources in the Mound of Moon.

Psychic's hand When the Head Line curves and runs next to the Life Line, paralleling it nearly all the way to the wrist, this is an extreme case. This type of curved Head Line is very greatly influenced by both the Mounds of Moon and Venus. The Moon and Venus Mound qualities are both very good personal characteristics. However, a person with this much influence from Moon AND Venus usually finds it difficult to function in the "real world". She or he may be considered a creative genius, eccentric artist, "mad scientist", or "just weird".

Periods of depression are not uncommon for the person with this line. Square fingertips help her or him to keep both feet on the ground and to use all of that mental energy more practically. If the tips are on the pointy side, watch out for this "space cadet" who may never land in the "real world" ! People with this line might leave their mark in history, but it won't be easy for them because most people can't appreciate their advanced ideas right now.

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It is unfair to judge a person by only one hand analysis indicator, so other factors should also be appraised. Some important indicators helping to mitigate this deep curvy Head Line are these which you should also consider.

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