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Perhaps you have psychic skills in one of these areas:

Psychic and clairvoyant hand marks This hand shows most of the major palm reading indicators for psychic abilities. I have seen NO person with ALL of these marks on their hands! Each marking shows a different type of psychic talent. Even if you have only one marking on a hand this is sufficient to indicate a lot of psychic abilities. So check below to see if your hand reveals some psychic abilities: (Click on each for more details.)


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Other Psychic Areas of Interest

Psychic abilities are common in many people and often go unnoticed or they are denied. People seem to evolve with specific and different psychic skills. Often their accurate premonitions are considered as "coincidences" and not taken seriously. I have observed some people with excellent hand markings for their psychic abilities, yet they never thought their psychic abilities were unusual. They generally said they knew they had psychic abilities but thought that was normal and thought everyone was as psychic as they were.

Click here to read about the famous psychic Edgar Cayce

My Fascinating Psychic Weekend at Esalen Institute

In September, 2003 at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, I spent a weekend with Russell Targ in a small group seminar titled: Remote Viewing and Spiritual Healing: Experiencing Expanded Awareness.

About Russell Targ:

Targ's personal experience stories and recently de-classified U.S government documents reveals that the U.S government's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the "cold war" funded psychic remote viewing research through the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Hundreds of remote viewing experiments were carried out at SRI from 1972 to 1986. The purpose of some of these trials was to provide information for the CIA sponsor about activities in specific locations and buildings in foreign countries.

These scientifically conducted experiments validated that psychic remote viewing is a common ability by many people. Also this over two-decade long investigation of so-called parapsychological or psi phenomena proved that the accuracy and reliability of remote viewing was not in any way affected by distance, size, or electromagnetic shielding.

Video of Russell Targ lecture on his work with Remote Viewing

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