Are You a Psychic Clairvoyant? 

Palm Reading Psychic Line

Psychic clairvoyant hand A special and rare form of the Mercury Line is shown at the right. This particular line draws energy from the deep psychic part in the Mound of Moon and carries it to the most intimate part of the Mercury Mound.

A person with this line is unusually perceptive and can see things others can not see. This arc is not necessary for a person to be a psychic clairvoyant. However, those who have this line find it much easier to use their powers of perception clearly and accurately. If you have this line, it is very important to trust what you see and listen to the "inner voice" for daily decisions.

This is a very influential line. When this line of Clairvoyance is present on a hand, the person should strive to trust and use her or his psychic powers to help others. When he or she ignores the daily opportunities to use the "inner voice", bad consequences will come. That means the best results will always come when using the "inner voice" of psychic wisdom. Doing things for greed or ego, instead of what the "inner voice" says, will always end up bad in the long run. Relationships and intimacy will mostly stagnate and go nowhere. Communications will be blocked with other people. Most experiences will be negative and depressing. So if you have this line be sure to use your special psychic powers in positive ways at all times.

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It is important to remember that "helping" does not mean rescuing and relieving the person of their responsibilities. These vertical lines under the Mercury finger show that you are a teacher and communicator of your knowledge that can help people. It is your destiny to use these built-in karmic talents for communicating your wisdom, knowledge, and skills to those less gifted. This does not mean you roundup all the people you can and start holding classes they might not be coming to voluntarily!

Your role as a helper is to be always available and open to everyone to hear their problems and concerns and then just offer your wisdom and advice -- if they are interested in hearing you. They may not want any of your help. Maybe they just want to be a victim and whine about "poor me". In such cases, just send your love and recognize maybe they are just working off some karma.

The main thing for you to recognize is that your karmic goal at all times is for you to be open and to help with loving compassion. Trust your "inner voice" and you can't go wrong!

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