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Life Line.

Your Life Line is an important palm reading mark associated with how well you bounce back after life's hardships. Your basic physical vitality and life energy are reflected in this line and area of the hand. Some greedy palm readers will try to get money by saying they can read how long a person will live according to their Life Line. Rest assured, the Life Line does NOT reveal when you will die! However, it does indicate to some degree how much stress you have. Generally, the better the condition it is, the less stress you have from day to day. Here are some of the indicators to look for in doing a palm reading of the Life Line:

Life Line Short.

Short Thin Life Line: Short does not mean you better start getting ready to die! A short Life Line just means you wisely conserve your energy as you go through your daily activities. You know your own body well and know how much energy you have available for tasks. Wisely you stop and rest before you exhaust all your reserve energy.

The problem with a short Life Line comes if the owner has a mate with a long Life Line. Especially in the area of love and romance there may be a big difference in how much attention is devoted to physically expressing love. The long Life Line partner may feel a lack of attention and weak giving of love and romance (and most other activities, too) comes from the short Life Line partner. That is just the way it is with couples having different length Life Lines.

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Life Line Broken.

Broken Life Line: Don't worry, this does NOT foretell an upcoming death! Some Gypsy fortunetellers in the past use to extract money from their customers with this incorrect information. What has proven to be true for people with a broken Life Line is that they do not rest often and review what they have completed. These people have a unique challenge in life to often rest and take a look at their accomplishments with satisfaction.

People with a broken Life Line would do well to force themselves to take a rest after each task and to reflect on what they accomplished, and the lessons learned. They tend to miss the satisfaction of doing a good job and instead rush to the next task. That ends up feeling like life is a struggle with endless problems and no pleasures. Many "workaholics" have broken Life Lines.

Life Line Double.

Double Life Line: A secondary line running parallel, inside or outside of the Life Line is another important palmistry marking. The additional line indicates the owner received additional strength and support from family members when growing up. These people feel confident about their future and often make numerous changes in life.

People with this extra line are "risk takers" and feel highly confident approaching new situations. The extra line inside the Life Line (as shown at right) indicates high confidence coming from their past experiences in the family. When young, the family showed them they were deserving of high successes, and that carries through today. When the extra line is on the opposite side of the Life Line, it indicates the high confidence is coming from outside family, probably from their world of job or public connections. In either case of where the extra line is, it indicates these people have high expectations for meeting their goals with support from outside themselves.

Life Line on Fate Line.

In some cases the Fate Line (aka "Saturn Line") replaces part of the Life Line as shown at the right. This palmistry marking indicates the owners often search for a sense of purpose in life. When they fail to find a higher purpose often, their career becomes their primary purpose in life. All their time and energy are devoted to their job. Their self-esteem and sense of purpose depend on what successes are achieved on the job or in the career.

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