What the left hand Reveals in Palm Reading

What the left hand Reveals in Palm Readings

Palm reading the left hand reveals how we deal with our emotional needs in our "inner world". We will be using this term "inner world" often. What we mean by it is that our "inner world" is where we live our private and personal life at home, with family and our closest friends. The left hand holds the indicators that show how we live in our private life and "inner world" with all our dreams, fantasies, and unconscious desires. Our most tender expressions of intimacy are revealed best in our left hand.

Most people usually do not use their left hand as forcefully as their right. Wearing a wedding band on the left hand resonates with these personal, intimate, caring, and gentle ideals associated with our "inner world" and the left hand.

left hand in palmistry The indicators used for doing Hand Analysis are the colors, textures, tight or relaxed areas, full or depleted mounds, line structure, and finger condition. Later you will learn detailed rules for using the left hand to determine how a person functions in her or his private and personal "inner world". These rules used for analyzing the left hand and "inner world" are true for both left or right handed people.

It is common for a person's left and right hands to be different. Fingers may be different lengths; major lines may be longer or shorter, mounds can be bigger or smaller; and coloring is often different. These indicators reveal how a person functions differently in their "inner world" compared to their right hand which reveals how they function in their outer world.

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We will be using the term outer world often, also. The outer world refers to our world of less close people and less personal relations. In our outer world we deal with casual acquaintances, coworkers, neighbors, and the public.

Check your left hand for these good indicators that imply good relationships and successes close to home with family and close friends:

Jupiter finger for palmistry reading.

Straight index finger (Jupiter finger) longer than ring finger (Apollo finger):

Apollo finger for palmistry reading.

Ring finger (Apollo finger) straight and longer than index finger (Jupiter finger):

Middle finger (Saturn finger) straight with vertical lines anywhere:

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