Personal Power and Leadership Success

Your Palm Reading Indicators for Leadership

Leader palmistry indicators.These palmistry indicators shown below are helpful in identifying your strong leadership qualities.

Leadership indicator A.

A: Your Jupiter Finger (Index finger) has a long middle zone:

Leadership indicator B.

B: "Star of Jupiter":

Leadership indicator C.

C: Wide Thumb Angle:

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Leadershipy indicator D.

D: Long Fate Line leading to below Index Finger:

Leadership indicator E.

E: Upturned Head Line at end:

Your Best Career Involves Leadership

You will do well in a career or job where you have the opportunity to let your natural leadership unfold. It gives you great satisfaction when your natural leadership is not inhibited, and you can see your own personal power accomplish great tasks easily. Don't be surprised to see that you succeed where others have failed because they lacked your type of natural leadership and personal power.

When your position of leader is threatened, you are quick to show hostility. This is not dangerous such that you would hurt others. Rather it is like the cat and dog that bristle their fur to look bigger and more fierce to scare and intimidate the opponent. You also tend to do that with your body language and voice raised.

Even though you have the desire and drive to be a leader, it may be very beneficial to take some training in management skills to learn some of the advanced techniques of management.

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