Palm Reading:
You Have Natural Leadership Skills


You Thrive on Using Your Leadership

long jupiter finger for leadership.If your Index finger is longer than your ring finger, this indicates that you have considerable extra energy associated with your personal power and leadership. You have a natural talent for directing the actions of others and getting results to achieve goals. You were born with a natural gift for leadership.

Jupiter finger Here is why this is so:
We naturally use the Index finger to express our personal power. When we are really mad at someone, we point at them and may even put that finger right in their face or poke them! When this personal power is habitually strong and direct, the Index finger actually grows longer, stronger, and straighter!

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So, if your Index finger is longer than your ring finger, straight and strong, then you undoubtedly have natural leadership ability. You quickly see what has to be done, and you direct others or lead the way to achieving your highest goals. You are direct and motivated to get action and see results of your efforts soon. You expect a lot of yourself and usually meet higher expectations than your peers.

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