Learn Palm Reading for the Humanitarian Hand

Discover Palmistry Meaning of Humanitarian Heart Line

[NOTE: This description of the palmistry Humanitarian Heart Line applies only when there is both a Head Line and a Heart Line. If there is only one line across the palm in place of the Heart AND Head Line, this is called a 'Simian Line'. In that case, Learn more about the Simian Line here.]

Heart line psychology of the Humanitarian type.The palmistry Humanitarian Heart Line flows all the way across the palm and out the other side. To the palm reader, this Humanitarian Heart Line symbolizes that the loving heart energy is directed to the outer world side of the hand. These people care and love all living things: People, animals, plants, and trees. They have a strong commitment to an idealistic expression of love for all, especially the helpless and weak. Their attention and sympathies are very easily pulled to every humanitarian project that comes into the news.

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Humanitarians are the first to offer help to both friends and strangers. No request is denied and every effort is made to give comfort and help, no matter how big the request.

The Humanitarian's challenge in a relationship is to not neglect self and/or their mate while they are pulled toward yet another humanitarian crusade. The mate for the humanitarian often feels neglected and abandon and must have a lot of patience.

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