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Heart Line psychology of the Pleaser. Pleasers are very adaptable to any situation and know how to fit in anywhere. Everyone with this Pleaser Heart Line can make themselves feel comfortable in any crowd, especially with their partner, family, or friends. They have learned early in life how to read people and can interact with everyone comfortably at each person's level.

However, Pleasers find it difficult and feel unsafe in showing their true feelings. They have great fear of not pleasing the people around them. Most of their emotional effort is devoted to ensuring a positive response from others. They will work hard to avoid having to deal with the negative responses from others, even if it requires ignoring their own true needs.

This habit to getting "peace at any cost" comes from their earlier experiences that brought on painful disapproval, anger, guilt, and other painful reactions from others. So their acceptance from others is a high priority in order to avoid the past emotional discomforts.

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Pleasers are the type people who easily listen sympathetically to anyone's problems. They are eager to provide a caring ear and maybe somehow help resolve the person's problems, even if the Pleaser has to ignore their own true feelings and needs.

Pleasers are valuable friends to have because of their keen senses and ability to read others very quickly. However, they need to feel safe before they can be real and honest about their own real feelings.

Heart Line of the Pleaser type.If the downturn on the end of the Heart Line just points to, but does not touch the Life Line, then the tendencies are medium. This is also true if the Heart Line is very faint.

The Pleaser Heart Line. When the Heart Line end touches the Life Line, the tendencies are frequent and severe. If the Heart Line end crosses and goes inside the Life Line, this person will do anything to please others.

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