Learn Palm Reading for the Thinker Hand

What is Palmistry Meaning of Thinker Heart Line?

Heart line psychology of the Thinker type. This Heart Line is long and ends under the index finger. This is the Thinker type person who spends more time thinking about relationships than doing something about creating them. In real life relationships, the Thinker spends most of the time thinking, analyzing and diagnosing what the lover or friend says and does.

Unfortunately, the Thinker types often don't take action on pursuing a real relationship. Movies and books may satisfy many of their needs for romance. Fantasy dreams are often more comfortable and trouble-free than pursuing a real lover.

Palm readingThinker type people are very considerate and responsible about commitments to their partner when in a relationship. Thinkers take their relationships seriously and work hard at keeping them trouble-free. The Thinker is romantic and enjoys special and unique new experiences shared with his or her lover. They enjoy recalling the special times together. The memories of what occurred, compared to what might have happened are reviewed over and over after the event. Sadly many future plans don't take place because the Thinker spends too much time dreaming wishfully about would could happen in the relationship.

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The "Thinker" makes few requests from a partner, unless there is a very good reason. Rather than ask a partner to give time and energy to them, they will do it themselves or go without. Before asking for help, they will suffer and struggle a long time. That is justified because they are idealists and believe they should not need help.

Thinkers hide both their feelings and desires in order to look like everything is OK. Often they willingly give up personal comforts in order to make the relationship better for the partner. Therefore, Thinkers look for a partner where no sacrifices are necessary and the relationship is trouble-free.

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