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What is Palmistry Meaning of Independent Heart Line?

Heart line of the Independent type. This Heart Line is straight but not very long. It reveals the least emotional type person for any type relationship. These people appear to be focused on their own dreams and ambitions and don't put a lot of outward energy into any relationship. They are cool toward any kind of commitment in a relationship.

Their interest is mostly on their own lives, and they don't like others trying to change them. Independents are direct people who are reliable, pragmatic, and faithful. They are excellent life-long friends to have, as long as you don't try to get too close or try to change them.

The Independent type needs their private space. In a relationship, he or she does not want the partner to request a lot of their personal attention. For the Independent, rest and solitude are necessary. The Independent needs these rest and alone periods often, and more than any of the other hand types.

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It is the Independent person's nature to not hang on to bad feelings for long. After an argument or misunderstanding, a break and a rest can easily make the Independent forget and forgive. He or she will resume life and move on with life like nothing ever happened to disturb the peace.

In a relationship, they demonstrate love by doing little practical tasks for their mate, instead of getting "mushy". They may show love for their partner by doing practical things like keeping the gas tank full in the car. Since they are so practical, dedicated, and loyal, to them, it seems unnecessary to keep affirming their love to their mate in more direct and less practical ways. To someone with an Independent Heart Line, it seems much more logical to spend the honeymoon money on the down payment for a house or car.

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