Learn Palm Reading for the Expressive Hand

Do You Have the Palmistry Expressive Heart Line?

Heart line psychology of the Expressive type. This Heart Line is long and turns up under the middle finger. A person with this long curvy line can be happy one minute and down the next, and it may not be due to what is happening in the relationship. From moment to moment moods rise and fall with no special reason other than "that is just life" for the Expressive Heart Line person.

Each moment in the life of the Expressive Heart Line person is separate from all the others and has its own emotional charge. A relationship with this person can be like a high-speed emotional elevator. If he or she is emotionally "down in the basement", don't worry. Very soon, the mood will dramatically change and shoot up to the top floor where the party is. The psychological mood changes come and go like the ocean tides, and that keeps a relationship interesting!

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The Expressive type person with this long line ending in the middle of the palm lives in the realistic "now". Tomorrow and the future after that are too far away to be concerned about. Today and right now are the only real concerns and most important things to the person with an Expressive hand.

The Expressive hand type has a nearsightedness that tends to make everything at the moment seem more important than future events and activities. Planning for tomorrow's activities are not part of this person's routine today. This often leads to problems in the future, but that just ensures lots of activities tomorrow and keeps life interesting!

The Expressive person is reactive, demonstrative and rational. She or he can devote full attention to enjoyment of all the senses. This may seem self-indulgent to others but at the same time they are envious of someone who can live and enjoy so much in life.

If the Expressive's middle finger is straight and strong, this Expressive person is not likely to get involved in taking care of other people's needs at the expense of her or his own needs. The Expressive type person is more "me" oriented than the Nurturer type with a Heart Line ending below the index finger. The Nurturer type would be more focused on pleasing the partner, unlike the Expressive type who is very "me" oriented.

Some words that are often used in psychology to describe the Expressive person are exciting, dynamic, unpredictable, alive, real, vivacious, intense, energetic, and active. A relationship with an Expressive type person is a wild ride!

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