What Your Heart Line Reveals


About Your Heart Line

The Heart Line reveals your history about intimacy and relationships. Palmistry Major LinesYour Heart Line shows everything about your past relationships and their affect on you now. There are no secrets anymore! Below are some examples of what is revealed in your Heart Line:

Significance of the Heart Line Origin Point

The Heart Line originates on the percussion edge of the hand from one of the four possible main areas (A, B, C or D).

Heart line origins summary

The Heart Line origin point reveals your subconscious feelings about love and intimacy. Evan your emotional scars from childhood relationships in the family will show up in these four areas.

Heart Line Origin Low.

When your Heart Line origin is low below the Mercury finger (A) it indicates a strong need for love and intimacy. The wide area between Mercury and the Heart Line shows the person desires lots of love and intimacy. These very loving people may appear being flirtatious by those with a higher Heart Line origin.

Heart Line Origin High.

The higher the Heart Line originates below Mercury, the more this person (C) is cautious about love and commitment. This person does not feel a strong need for intimacy or for making a commitment to anyone.

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The Heart Line Destinations Point is Also Very Significant

The Heart Line destination on the Thumb side of the hand reveals a person’s pattern in handling relationships.

There are six destination areas on the hand where the Heart Line generally terminates. They are named according to the type of relationship pattern indicated. Each type is described in more detail in the following pages. For now just become familiar with the six general Heart Line destination areas below and select the one closest to yours.

Instructions for Your Palmistry Relationship and Intimacy Reading.

Look at the hand you write with and click on the image below where your Heart Line ENDS, or is closest to the yellow area.

Intimacy and relationship type 1 according to palm reading Intimacy and relationship type 2 according to palm reading Intimacy and relationship type 3 according to palm reading Intimacy and relationship type 4 according to palm reading Intimacy and relationship type 5 according to palm reading Intimacy and relationship type 6 according to palm reading

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