Do You Have Gambler's Hands for Casino Games?

The Gambler's Hands

Gambling women.The serious casino gambler has a number of palmistry indicators that show up in the hands. It is recognized that there are a few thousand small-time gamblers, scattered throughout the gambling casinos of the world, who are making a reasonable living gambling. They are known as subsistence gamblers.  There are no known RICH subsistence gamblers, however. Here are some of the common palmistry indicators I found in the hands of some subsistence gamblers in Europe while doing research:

Gambler's open fingers Wide open fingers reveal a person who is open to all possibilities in any situation. They are optimistic about winning the big jackpot even on the slot machines where the odds are very high against winning. Since they are not "tight-fisted" with money they generally take the risk and bet all they have. Money passes easily through the hands of these people with wide open fingers. I find these hands like the feel of pulling the handle on the slot machines, and they expect to win big!

Gambler's thumb Palm readers say the thumb with a long end that naturally bends over backward reveals a person who is very extravagant and generous with money. In the casino, this person is a big tipper as long as his money holds out. Winning is not so important as the pleasure of "throwing money around". The casino games of Black Jack, Poker, 21 and Baccarat seem especially comfortable to these "high rollers".

Gambler's long fingers Palm readers say that long fingers indicate that the person enjoys using the mind and needs a lot of facts and details before making decisions. This is the "card counter" in the casino card games and the "system player" at the roulette wheel. They understand the rules and know the jargon that goes with the games and enjoy making them work to win. This person would not be comfortable at the slot machine or roulette wheel relying strictly on chance to hit the jackpot. The slot machines are for short fingered people. Long fingered people want to have the cold mathematical probability of winning figured out in their head before they put their money on the table. The long fingered person plays roulette with a system and enjoys the challenge of beating the house odds. For long-fingered gamblers, this mental processing is what makes the games fun.

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Gambler's Head Line

A long and curvy Head Line ending in the Mound of Moon is a great gift for the casino gambler. The long line indicates strong mental processes and an active mind that expects rewards. The curve downward reveals a gift for accessing deep intuitive information around them and from others. This skill in gathering intuitive information actually often brings big rewards.

A person with this deep, strong line has "an accurate feeling" about which cards each of the other players at the poker table is holding. They often have periods of "luck" and don't know why but just keep playing their hunches and winning using their extraordinary "intuition". The casino operators know this gift is present in some people, and that is one reason the waitresses are constantly handing them drinks to destroy that edge.

Gambler's pinky fingerAnother gift some successful casino gamblers have is a little finger that is straight, long and leaning out to the side away from the ring finger. The leaning out reveals a "free thinker" not bound by conformity and the restrictive values of others. The bright lights, drinks, and apparent sexiness of casino staff are easily and enjoyably accepted. Gambling cards.To palm readers, the long little finger indicates a quick and sharp mind, always one step ahead of other people.
A side point of interest: A big heavy gold ring on a man's Mercury finger reveals money is used for a feeling of power in place of sexual energy.

Gambler's pinky finger A long little finger indicates a quick sharp mind. If the end is long then this person may very well be a subsistence gambler living successfully off their winnings. This rare type little finger reveals great natural talent to understand and deal correctly with the subtle energies at the gambling table games. They see and understand the subtle, unconscious movements of other players at the casino table and know how they will play their cards. They can spot a bluff instantly.

The gambler with straight cylindrical fingers (no knobby knuckle joints) plays on hope and trusts that somehow they will win if they keep on playing long enough.

The gambler with knobby knuckle joints (especially if long-fingered) is constantly trying to analyze every move and use their intellect to beat the odds and win.

This was very interesting! During my observation of subsistence gamblers, I found many had palmistry indicators for psychic abilities. These marks appeared to give them an advantage.See more on gamblers' special characteristics here.

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