What Palm Reading Secrets Do Your Hands Hold?

Palmistry and Palm Reading Instructions

Pair of hands1. To do the palm reading, hold both hands out in a natural and relaxed position.

2. Observe the natural and relaxed spread of your fingers.

3. Click on the hand below that has the finger spread closest to yours.

Open FingersClosed Fingers

What Your Wide Fingers Reveal

Open Fingers In palmistry, widely separated fingers reveal an open mind and "free spirit". You are open to new ideas and exploring different ways of doing things. You look for opportunities and recognize them before others with closed fingers. You like variety and get bored quickly with doing things the same way all the time. You are not ruled by conventional rules of society.

You are generous with your money and spend easily on things that interest you for the moment. You are generous with all that you have to offer others. Your time, energy, and resources are freely given to all deserving people and animals. You are eager to meet new friends and to have new experiences. Your friendly ways and openness draw others to you naturally. People are attracted to your positive attitude. You make new friends easily and brighten their lives with your ability to recognize new opportunities for them as well as yourself. You see more opportunities in one day than most people can take advantage of in a month. Your challenge is to act on them.

Palmistry Hints for Even More Success in Life

You will do exceptionally well in life with your open-fingered approach but be sure also to keep your thumb open at a big angle. You may have to consciously hold it out. Read here about how important a big thumb angle is.

Your finger spacing will change as your mood changes. Your open fingers allow you to accept new ideas and explore them farther than the more closed-fingered people. Watch for this difference in openness as you interact with other people. You will notice that when you are with friends who you really like, your fingers will be most open. And when you are with those who annoy you or who you don't trust, your fingers will close more. Watch your finger spacing and avoid people who cause them to close.

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What Your Closed Fingers Reveal

Closed fingers

When your fingers are held tightly together, in palmistry it indicates that you feel resistive to new ideas and new ways of doing things. You are careful not to jump into new situations too fast, especially relationships. When you do stumble on to an opportunity you first look for the problems in it and are wisely suspicious and cautious. This ability to see beneath the glitter of the wrapping has saved you from problems in the past and will do the same in the future -- or, so you hope. That is your most comfortable way to operate.

According to palmistry, if your fingers are also stiff, it shows even more resistance to making changes. New ideas and new ways of doing things are approached very suspiciously, cautiously, and are strongly resisted. You are very resistant to let others change your views.

You are cautious with your money and don't spend easily unless it is absolutely necessary. You place great value on what you have and are protective to ensure that you keep it. You distrust most people, and you do not lend your things easily.

Palmistry Hints for Even More Success in Life

For now, closing your hands or putting them in your pockets will give a little more peace of mind and make you feel more comfortable. Quiet familiar places free of outside distractions are especially good for you. Your goals should include learning to trust your own skills and wisdom more. Watch for the opportunities that are naturally coming into your life and make the extra effort to take advantage of them.

Since your logical mind is very cautious, it usually talks you out of jumping into new projects by finding excuses to not take action. This may prevent you from seeing the opportunities that have the best chances for success. A good way to overcome this stuck and resistive pattern is to use less logical thought processes and rely more on your intuition and psychic abilities. (Right now your logical mind and resistance to change is probably already saying, "Forget it! It will never be as good as my logic.") I am speaking from my personal experience plus the experience of many of my palmistry clients: If you can use your natural intuition and psychic abilities, your decisions will be much more accurate and rewarding. That is because at the intuitive and psychic level of mind (the subconscious mind) you have access to more information, and it is not biased by fears and misinformation in the conscious mind. The tricky thing you must do is to quiet and ignore the logical mind. However, that is where the ego resides, so it does not give up easily!

There are numerous ways to train to use your intuition and psychic natural abilities, and they all involve relaxation, focus, and trust. Yoga, meditation, martial arts, and a zillion other practices, training tapes, and workshops can help to quiet the conscious mind and open the subconscious to your intuitive and psychic levels of mind. When you do develop the ability to get away from your logical (and biased) mind and into your intuitive and psychic level of mind you will find miracles happening.

It is not necessary to have psychic markings on your hands, but it would make the task much easier if you do have them. You can check to see if you have any hand psychic markings at the Psychic, Paranormal, and Spiritual Center.

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