Frequently Asked Palm Reading Questions (FAQ)

Does a palm reading reveal how long a person is going to live?

No! This is a myth that started in previous centuries and sadly it is still hanging around with some palm readers. According to many palm readers in the past (and even a few today), the Life Line length reveals to them how long you will live. Of course, you must pay your good money to them to receive this "priceless secret". They can demand even more money when there is much drama involved in there mysterious knowledge about you.

If a palm reader tells you he or she can tell you when you are going to die, by looking at your hand lines, put your hands tightly on your money and leave immediately. Spend that money instead on some good nutrition and you will increase your life span.

"Do the lines reveal anything?"

Yes! The lines (as well as other indicators) do reveal a lot of general information about how a person functions in life. At the lowest level, the lines (and every other indicator) indicate how a person uses their hands in daily life (Aggressively, timidly, gently, firmly, etc.). Also, it doesn't take an expert to discern how much stress is being experienced in life. With a little training, it is easy to see how those stresses are affecting performance and internal feelings in specific areas of daily life. Coping and holding techniques for those stresses are also indicated as are self-sabotaging behaviors.

There are many levels that a good palm reader can uncover in the hands that provide excellent insight for better self-understanding and making positive changes in life. The highest level most palm readers aim for is the spiritual level, but first the physical and emotional must be understood and appreciated. Palm reading is great for gaining more self-understanding.

"My left and right hand are different. Which one do you read?"

Good question because usually the hands are very different. Both hands are analyzed for a complete understanding of an individual. Basically, the left hand holds the indicators that show how we live in our private life and inner world with all our dreams, fantasies, and unconscious desires. Our most tender expressions of intimacy are revealed best in our left hand. The right hand reveals how we deal daily with our outer world of co-workers, acquaintances, and the public. It also indicates how we want to be seen by others. This is true even if left-handed. See Chapter 2 in "It's All In Your Hands" for much more detail.

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"I have an "M" on both my hands. Someone told me I was going to be married twice. Is that true?"

No! If that were true, people who marry three times would have to grow a third hand with another "M"! The "M" means nothing. What looks like the letter "M" on your hands is just the major lines coming together that way. Sometimes there is an "A". The "A" and "M" don't mean anything. If such a principle were true about writing in the hands, what would hands look like in China with Chinese characters?!

The major lines are considered individually and are a major part of palm reading. There is also significance to the patterns of smaller lines in various places on the palms and fingers. They indicate some good news and some not so good. There are many combinations, and a good palm reader can determine a lot from them. See Chapter 2 in "It's All In Your Hands" for much more detail on small lines.

My boyfriend has short fingers, and mine are very long. Are we compatible?"

I hope you don't let something like that get in the way of your future together! That difference does indeed indicate a significant difference in the way you function in the world, but it need not stand in the way of a wonderful relationship. See Chapter 2 in "It's All In Your Hands" for much more detail on what long and short fingers reveal. In general it means you are going to be the talker and he is going to be the listener. (But you already knew that!!)

"I have 'clubbed thumbs'. What does that mean about me?"

For those who don't know, a "clubbed thumb" has a short stubby end zone with a disproportionate nail. Sometimes the nail is overly broad and sometimes it is excessively narrow. There are varying degrees of this condition. In an extreme case, the overall look is course and thick, and it may look damaged because it does not match the other fingers. Don't worry about your clubbed thumbs. They just mean you have great determination concentrated for short periods.

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"I have very flexible hands compared to my boy friend's hands? Is that bad? Who is best?"

There are no "best" hands. They are what they are. Your different type hands reveal that you have some fundamental differences - in your cases, pretty significant differences. For starters, you are much more adaptable to situations and versatile. He is practical and may not adjust to new circumstances. Understanding these differences are very important and beneficial for a good relationship. See Chapter 17 in "It's All In Your Hands" for more detail.

What is the difference between palmistry, hand analysis, and palm reading?

Good question. Palmistry is a term used much the same as Hand Analysis is to describe a field of study using the indicators in the hands to identify particular characteristics about a person. Palm readers do palm readings for the same reason. The results vary with every individual doing the observing, no matter what they call them self. These "readers" (like myself included) each has his or her own technique and seem to specialize in one area, or another. For example, some observers do health analysis, and some do fortune telling. Seems everyone has their own specialty. However, there are many common agreements on what certain indicators mean to the observers whether in the field of palmistry, hand analysis, palm reading or hand reading.



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