Does Palm Reading Say You Are Creative and Artistic?

How Artistic Are You?

It would be rare for all of the palmistry indicators shown here to appear on a person's hand. However, several of them on a hand (with no negative indicators) would indicate a very strong likelihood of extraordinary creative, artistic talent.

If you have one or more of these palmistry indicators, your creativity may show up in fields besides art. Your creativity may be seen in the most mundane tasks at home or on the job. Your plans and projects should be undertaken with the goal of creating the most artistic and beautiful result, no matter what task needs doing . Your greatest achievements will come easily when you do things primarily to end up with something you created that you can be proud of. On the other hand, doing things primarily for making money or getting fame will most often end in failure and give little satisfaction.

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Here are some of the palm reading indicators that reveal high creativity and artistic natural talents:

Palmistry for creativity

Area A: Creative

Ring finger longer than index finger: Very creative. Sees new ways to do things. Likes to express self in unusual ways others can see and appreciate. Expresses personal uniqueness. Can always add a personal touch to improve things.

Palmistry for the artist

Area B: Sensitive

Fine horizontal lines running under base of several or all fingers: Shows great sensitivity to surroundings. Very perceptive about what is happening nearby. Prefers quiet and safe places to let creative ideas develop.

Area C: Fame and fortune in the arts

A Star (three lines crossing with a common center) here: This indicates the three energies are present that contribute strongly to "fame and fortune in the arts". This is not a prophesy, only an indication that the chances are likely because of the three energies in these lines. These energies are (1) strong creative energy coming from deep inner natural resources, (2) great sensitivity, and (3) a fear of criticism.

Area D: Personal drive

Vertical line (even pieces of a line) running from the base of hand toward the ring finger. The stronger the line is, the stronger the drive is to be creative. A really deep and long line indicates an exceptional ability to bring forth profound creations from deep within. This often is done by writing or speaking.

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