You Are Uniquely Creative

You Thrive on Being Creative and Will Stand Out for Others to Admire

Long Apollo finger = creativityIf your ring finger is longer than your index finger, palm readers say that you have a lot of exceptional creativity. The longer and wider the ring finger is, compared to the index finger, the stronger is your creativity. You especially like to do things so you can see the results of your creative efforts.

You have a natural advantage for seeing new and unique ways of doing things. You easily and frequently see new ways of using common objects in different ways. You like to be the sole creator of something that displays your excellent talent and skills. You will have followers who admire your creativity.

Your Career Must Use Your Creativity

You will naturally do well and be successful in any career where you can use your creativity. You get great satisfaction from seeing the results of what you create, and this is more beneficial to your health and happiness than any material things. Whether you are cleaning a floor or building a huge business empire, the real payoff for you is the satisfaction of looking at the completed task and knowing that you did that!

And better yet, you thrive on other's appreciation of your creative ideas and talents! Other people will admire your ability to do things in unique and more successful ways. On the job, you can create more output with fewer resources than others because you like being creative and clever.

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You will do well in any career that demands a creative and inventive mind like yours. Don't continue in a job or career where you can not see the end result of your creative talents. You thrive on being clever and unique. If you get stuck in a boring job, you will be so dissatisfying that your subconscious (i.e. 'higher self') will do many things to get you out of there. This means you will experience accidents, problems, and even illness until you get the message that you have to make a change to a more creative and more satisfying job. Your best life will come when you are doing all things that take advantage of your creative talents.

Palm Reader Hints for Even More Success in Life

Make sure you open the door to people who want to be your friend because of your creative talents. Let them admire and learn about your uniquely creative and innovative ideas. Let others see your best creative talents at all times. Develop this art of presenting yourself to the world in an extra special way so that others can see and benefit from your creative talents. The rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. Avoid people who are jealous and do not appreciate your creative talents.

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