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How Your Hands Reveal Personal and Psychic Information

You probably know that handwriting, electronic voice print, and body language reveal a lot about you. A palm reading can also reveal a lot about you. Your hand shape, color, and lines also reveal much about your psychological profile. Palm readers study both hands for palm and finger shapes, mounds, major and minor lines, and colors. From these physical indicators, much can be determined about you for better self-understanding.

Palm reading is a very helpful way to understand yourself and friends better. You can discover the best skills, strengths, and weaknesses that affect success in life. How valuable is that! Another bonus to learning to do palm reading is that it is a great way to meet people at a very personal level. During the palm reading you are holding their hand, and they have their full attention focused on you. How often does that happen with strangers?

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As you study each palmistry principle, remember that no one rule by itself is conclusive. You must combine all of the indicators you see in both hands to provide the most accurate and meaningful analysis with the most benefit to the client. Fortunately, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. It is our hope that you find great joy in doing hand analysis on yourself and your friends to better understand yourselves. The most important step to success is self-understanding. Good luck!  

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